Saturday, November 12, 2011

Farewell Fargo

Today I had to say goodbye to my Fargo. When I first met him at the humane society in 2001, I had no intention on adding a 3rd dog to my home. Fargo was very shy. I kept going back to visit him and then realized that he was meant to be a member of my home. This is the first picture I took of him:
I don't know much about Fargo's back story, but I was told that he was found on a farm. The family that found him wanted to keep him because he was very gentle with their little boy. But Fargo also liked picking up chickens on the farm and carry them around. That's something that they weren't thrilled with, so he ended up at the humane society with the name of Blaze. I renamed him Fargo once I'd decided to adopt him.

Fargo and I went to dog school together and had a lot of fun. We were in a very rainy parade together:
We also went to a costume party at the dog school:
Ultimately Fargo got his Canine Good Citizen certificate. He didn't become a certified therapy dog because he decided that he'd rather have a piece of hotdog on the floor than pass the test. He always had a joy of life and a good sense of humor.
I will always miss my cowboy dog who always would sit so very close to me, whichever chair I happened to be using.
I love you very much, Fargo!